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Rovio teases yet another Angry Birds game, this time with a medieval theme

In a new teaser video, Rovio is hinting at yet another Angry Birds game -- this time with a medieval theme.
March 10, 2014

While we’ve seen quite a few Angry Birds spin-offs and sequels over the last year or so, many of these have relied on the traditional bird-flicking gameplay mechanic. More recently, however, Rovio has been switching things up with games like Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Stella.

Now it looks like Rovio is getting ready for yet another spin-off (or sequel?) to Angry Birds, though the teaser tells us next to nothing. Other than showing us a suite of armor with an Angry Bird in it, the only other thing we learn from the trailer is that the game will be soft launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand — with other countries to follow.

So what exactly is this game all about? It’s pretty obvious that there is a medieval element to this one, but it’s unclear if the core mechanic is just another bird-flinger, or something brand new. It’s also worth noting that this might not be the first time that Rovio has teased this medieval-themed Angry Birds game.


Back in late December, Rovio released a trailer teasing things to come in the year 2014. At the time, Rovio fansite “Angry Birds Nest” spotted an image hidden within the video that features a wizard, knight and archers. Still, none of this makes it clear what we should expect from the latest Rovio title. While it would be interesting if Rovio was planning some kind of medieval strategy or RPG, it’s still very possible that this is nothing more than a bird-flinger with a medieval setting.

What do you think, would you be interested in an Angry Birds-themed RPG or strategy game, or are you absolutely sick of the Angry Birds franchise, regardless of what form it takes?