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Roundup: The most interesting Google Glass videos on the web

Join us as we look through the best, funniest, most interesting videos of Google Glass yet. And remember, this is only the beginning!
April 23, 2013

The first pairs of Google Glass Explorer Edition have finally been handed over to developers, who dropped $1500 to be a part of the incredible journey that is Glass. Join us as we look through the best, the funniest and most interesting videos of Glass yet. And remember, this is only the beginning.
For the musicians in all of us.

Hey, calling all Fashionistas, how about experiencing New York Fashion Week through Glass. Enjoy.

You can complete the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 30 seconds flat! Great, here’s how Google Glass will make posting your puzzle adventure onto YouTube simple.

More of an outdoorsman (or woman) you say, Glass will help you share your adventures into the deepest crevices, highest cliffs and wherever else you imagine yourself being. (Plus, as an added bonus, the chances of you being in the same position as James Franco in the movie 128 Hours, are dramatically decreased).

For the daredevils lurking deep within, here’s an amazing video of what it would be like if we all man up a bit and get on that roller coaster at Disney World.

I told you we were also considering the funniest videos and as hard to believe as it may seem, some people are a bit more skeptical over Google Glass than us folks at Android Authority. Here are two that remind you to keep your pinkies up, and dine in on Glass with a little class.

That’s all of the quirkiest and most informative videos from the web, but we must remember that the Explorer Edition of Glass have only just hit the hands of developers, so it might take some time before they discover new and innovative ways to utilize Glass to its greatest potential. But remember guys and gals, keep it classy. To play us out on a high, here is Google’s vision for what Glass will turn into. One day, Google, One day…

Is Google Glass the greatest thing to happen to mobile since the smartphone? Or is this just a passing fad? Let us know in the comments

Derek Ross contributed to this article.