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Root Explorer updated to version 3.0 with reworked interface and cloud support

Considered one of the best file navigators in our productivity apps round-up, Root Explorer has just received a massive update, bringing the application to version 3.0.
May 31, 2013
root explorer

Considered one of the best file navigators in our productivity apps round-up, Root Explorer has just received a massive update, bringing the application to version 3.0. While the app used to feel a bit unpolished, Speed Software decided yesterday to upgrade the general experience with a wide range of helpful features.

A popular choice among seasoned Android users, Root Explorer can now be used with a new tabbed interface which lets owners browse different sections of the phone. The default view contains the Root and the Storage tab, but these can be changed to accommodate any portion of the drive, including casual folders, external storage, or even an external network.

These actions and more can be performed with the help of a few buttons situated in the upper-right side of the window. For instance, by pressing the “+” sign, you have the possibility to add a new tab and by tapping on “X” a tab will be closed.

Another great idea was to make the application compatible with some important cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Using this feature users can now transfer files from the Root Explorer interface, without the need of the standard application whatsoever. In other words, if you don’t care about synchronizing files with a distant terminal, transfers can be initiated and completed just by using this navigator. The same goes for any other standard server that works with the server message block protocol (SMB).

root explorer 3.0

Speaking of transfers, casual copy and paste actions are now friendlier with large files, allowing for the whole process to run in the background. For example, when copying a high-resolution movie from the internal storage to the SD card using Root Explorer, the navigator will automatically hide the process and send the user a notification when the job is completed.

In the meantime, the front panel can still be used to initiate other transfers or for navigation. The progress of all transfers can be viewed using a new action status bar, which also allows multiple tasks to be canceled at once.

As far as icons go, the possibility to manually assign custom icons to each and every file type is truly awesome.  Moreover, the Preferences menu has been modified to accommodate several customization options, which allows the user to sort files or folders by name, date, size and type.

In addition, Root Explorer also features the following:

  • Full access to Android system files (including the data folder)
  • Text editor and SQLite database viewer
  • Compressed files support
  • Script execution and search functions
  • Bookmarks
  • Push files through email and Bluetooth
  • Shortcut creation and MD5 summary

To fully access this range of new features users will have to update Root Explorer and agree to a modified set of permissions, which now asks for full network access, the ability to prevent the phone from sleeping, and to modify accounts on the devices.

Those interested in the new version can purchase the application directly from Google Play for $3.99, with a 24 hour refund period. While mostly helpful for rooted terminals, the navigator also works with stock Androids.