Vacationing somewhere can be quite troublesome. You wouldn’t believe at how much you have to do to actually have a vacation – sometimes, you think that it maybe too much trouble. However, a worry-free vacation is a priceless thing for many people. The hassle has to be put up with – however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little bit of help.

Room 77 is a popular hotel room search engine and the popular search tool is now coming to Android.

The service has actually been in service for a year now and its been getting consistent high marks ever since it entered public beta. So what exactly does Room 77 do get you the perfect hotel room?

Well, the app lets users search for hotels and rooms using a particular parameter. So if you need a room within your budget or a particular location, you just throw that into your search parameters and you’ll be able to find all the rooms that meet your requirements. All you have to do now is pick out a room. Even after narrowing down the number of rooms this can be a big decision. Well, Room 77 can help you pick the best one by letting you view floor layouts, take a gander at user-submitted photos, and to see a virtual ‘room view’. There’s even a “heard in the lobby” feature which keeps a list of tips for a particular hotel or location.

If you’re worried about the limits of the service, that’s no problem. Room 77 is trying to index every hotel room at every three- to five-star hotel and resort worldwide. They already have data on more than 500,000 hotel rooms in nearly 30 locations, notably Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Maui, and New York.

And as a bonus to commemorate the Android app launch, Room 77 is giving away one $25 gift card per day from August 10-31 to a randomly selected traveler who submits hotel room photos or room views during the month of August – as long as its done through the Room 77 mobile app, of course.

You can download the app for free at the Android Market. You’ll need Android 1.1 to use it – which should get it working on most phones.

Source: Androidguys

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