When we think about Android tablets, we usually think of products from China or Asia. This is a reasonable assumption since a lot of today’s production facilities for electronic products are based there. However, tablet are actually pretty simple devices to make and all you need to make them is a little bit of know-how. This is why we see quite a few other places trying their hand at making tablets. We’ve heard from Africa and India – and it seems Eastern Europe is soon to follow. A Romanian tech star-up named Evolio has announced the upcoming release of their own tablet to the world market.

The Neura, as the guys in Evolio have come to call their baby, is supposedly the most powerful Android tablet on the market. With its specs, it can be easy to believe that. Packing a 1GHz dual core Tegra 2 CPU, it also boasts a 9.7-inch full HD touch screen. The CPU and screen are already a match for Motorola’s XOOM and Samsung’s Galaxy – which places it at the high-end of the market. Evolio itself isn’t just reaching for the easy fruit here; the company is hoping to position to the Neura as a competitor against the iPad 2. That’s a pretty ambitious step right there.

Unfortunately, even though it may have the hardware to start boasting, the software is a bit wanting. Reports have the Neura still using Froyo – when everyone knows that the best tablet experience comes with Android Honeycomb. With this product coming out July 25, it’s a bit dated on the software side. Evolio promises a September upgrade but that maybe too late for the market. It also doesn’t have a price tag yet. The Neura’s market prospects look a bit dim, however, it may still succeed – let’s see what Evolio does next to catch up to the market.

Source: Engadget

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