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CyanogenMod says goodbye to faithful ROM Manager in favor of built in updates

We've come to associate ROM Manager with CyanogenMod. Now, the world famous ROM makers will be saying goodbye to their old friend in favor of a new, built-in update system designed to bring OTA's faster.
September 30, 2012
CyanogenMod ROM Manager
For years, ROM Manager was the de facto standard of getting CyanogenMod updates. The familiar orange gear with the top hat has been a staple of the CyanogenMod app drawer for a very long time. However, the CyanogenMod team has opted to go with its own update system.

Many people may be wondering why. It’s perfectly natural, as ROM Manager has been around as long as single-core 1GHz processors. It’s really like an old friend. According to Android Police, it is because CyanogenMod is completely open source and ROM Manager is not. This means that ROM Manager clashes with the ideals of CyanogenMod.

Thus, the CyanogenMod team has coded their own update system. It’s pretty simple, actually. It’s built right into CyanogenMod so ROM users will be able to use it like any other system setting. They can set the schedule to check for updates as frequently as one hour to as far off as monthly. They can also check for various types of builds. These include Nightlies, Monthlies, and stable builds both new and old.

It gets its roots from the last time the CM team used a proprietary updater. That was back in CyanogenMod 6. It has been updated and adapted to work in CyanogenMod 9 and 10. When invoked, the new update system will check and pull updates directly from

In terms of feng shui, the new updater is definitely an improvement. It gathers the updates you want straight from the source when you want it to. While we all love ROM Manager, it wasn’t that customizable when it came to updates.


So what’s to become of ROM Manager?

Worry not fans of ROM Manager. Koushik Dutta, the developer behind ClockworkMod recovery and ROM Manager, has shown zero indication that ROM Manager won’t continue as normal. Even if it isn’t part of CyanogenMod anymore, users far and wide still use it for installing ClockworkMod recovery. Its functions for downloading ROMs and checking for updates should remain unhindered. This functionality will continue as will its presence in the Google Play Store.

Almost all rooted users know what CyanogenMod is and all CyanogenMod users know what ROM Manager is. It’s a relationship we hate to see come to and end. Thankfully it was a peaceful separation and not an ugly divorce. We should get no interruption in greatness from either CyanogenMod or ROM Manager.

The new update system hasn’t made its way into nightly builds yet. However, that should be coming any time now. Are you going to miss ROM Manager? Or is out with the old and in with the new? Let us know your thoughts.