The Roku mobile app has a new update available for its mobile apps on Android and iOS. While the update adds some minor improvements and new features, the biggest addition is the new ‘Play on Roku’ feature.

While originally the Roku app was essentially just a replacement remote, albeit one with a handy QWERTY keyboard, the company has gradually been making improvements and adding new features to make the app more useful. With the new update, users can now re-order channels to have their favorites right at the front of the list, and name their different Roku boxes to make controlling different units easier. The new update also adds an instant replay button.

The star of the update is the new ‘Play on Roku’ feature, which allows users to steam music and photos from their phones to their televisions via the Roku box. The new feature isn’t going to out-do Airplay or Miracast any time soon, as it doesn’t allow streaming video, but Roku users will surely appreciate the new feature nonetheless. Roku does say that this is “just the beginning” for its mobile app, so who knows what we’ll see in the future.

Hit the video below for the full scoop on the update.

Roku owners, have you tried ‘Play on Roku’ from the Roku mobile app yet? What do you think of it?