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Weekly Plan Spotlight: The best value Unlimited Data Plan

This non-promotional plan from the Sprint-based carrier Rok is the cheapest unlimited we've seen, and you won't get price gouged later on.
August 8, 2017

We’re back again with the Weekly Plan Spotlight, and this time around we’re showcasing a carrier that we feel hasn’t gotten quite enough attention. It’s called Rok, and as far as we can tell they currently have the least expensive unlimited data plan on the market today.

When most people are picking out a smart phone plan, they tend to only look at the major carriers. But the oligarchy the Big Four have formed has made them lazy and content, which means users are missing out on a lot of deals and features offered by less well known carriers.

Rok, for instance, has the cheapest non-promotional price tag for unlimited data that we’ve seen. $45 gets you unlimited mobile data. Compared to the competition, that’s an absolute steal.

Furthermore, if you’ve got an unlocked Sprint phone or universal phone like the Nexus 6 which runs CDMA and is 4G compatible, you can bring it along without any hassle.

Since this is a non-promotional price, that means you won’t get the price jacked up after a year, which is how Sprint and Virgin Mobile are currently advertising their unlimited plans.

But what about coverage?

Ah, the most important question. People tend to stick with the big dogs because they think it will ensure the most coverage, but Rok has coverage nationwide on the Sprint LTE network as well as on the nation’s other most reliable CDMA network, meaning you get just as much coverage as you would shelling out for one of the Big Four.

Where’s the fine print?

Good question.

Most of the deals we spotlight have some sort of catch or caveat that goes along with the offer, but since this in a non-promotional price, there really isn’t any fine print. It’s just what it says on the box:

All considered, it’s a solid plan on a reliable network with tons of coverage and a low price tag. What’s not to love? But don’t take our word for it; do your own research! Click the button below to learn more.