Just when you thought that the news regarding HTC’s Dream and Rogers had all been resolved comes this scary little glitch making it unable for users to dial 911 while having GPS activated on their phone.  Rogers has pulled all HTC Dreams from online and retail locations until a software update is made available and has released this official statement regarding the issue:

I’m writing to share some urgent news with our Rogers HTC Dream customers.
We have contacted all of our Dream customers by text message asking them to disable GPS location on their HTC Dream device to ensure all 911 calls complete.

HTC is expediting a software fix to the 1.5 Android Operating System that will address this issue – and provide several other improvements to the OS.

We expect this upgrade to be available very soon. In the meantime, Dream customers need to follow these steps:
1) Select Menu
2) Select Settings
3) Select Location
4) Uncheck Enable GPS Satellite

Please note that the Rogers HTC Dream is the only device affected.
Protecting our customers’ safety is our top priority and we communicated with our customers as soon as we were made aware of the issue. We have texted all affected customers and we have immediately requested that the device be taken off the shelf until HTC implements its upgrade

It is interesting that in the statement Rogers says that HTC is expediting a software fix for this as well as several other improvements.  One would hope that the several other improvements wouldn’t delay the release of the 911 fix as this seems to be a pretty major flaw that needs to be resolved immediately.

[via MobileSyrup]