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Rogers Moto X promo apparently leaked, says release date is set for August [video]

A professionally shot Rogers Moto X promo video has apparently been leaked, revealing the carrier will apparently launch it in August and demoing some of the phone's features.. Read on for more details!
July 14, 2013
Rogers Moto X video leak

What looks like an official Rogers Moto X promotional video, has made its way online via a Google+ user who posted it way ahead of its time.

While the source of the video is rather strange – we’re looking at a Google+ Ukrainian user that goes by the name of Дима Прокопенко, who uploaded it– the device shown in it seems to match the handset we spotted in existing leaks and recent videos when it comes to design but also user interface, especially for the voice features.

Rogers Moto X video leak

The two-minute video presentation, available below, goes through some of the features of the handset, without mentioning hardware specifications.

Always on voice commands

As you can see in the video below, the Moto X will be listening at all times to answer your questions. And you won’t have to actually light up the screen and press any buttons to get your question in.

The video tells us that the feature will help users with directions, alarm setting and pretty much anything “just by talking.” The user interface for this always on voice feature is pretty consistent with the video we showed you earlier today, although, as you can see, this is a professionally shot presentation, not a quick recording of the a test phone unit in action.

Active updates

The Moto X will not come with LED notifications, but the display will light up whenever a notification comes in, with the user deciding whether an action is required or not.

Rogers Moto X video leak

Camera gestures

To launch the camera on the Moto X, users will apparently be required to only “twist [their] wrist” twice. The camera app will then be launched and you’ll be able to take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen. To take multiple photos, you’ll have to touch the screen continuously.

Rogers Moto X video leak

This isn’t the first time that we hear the phone will know when you want to take pictures and automatically launch the camera app. Moreover, Motorola took to Twitter a few hours ago to sort-of troll every smartphone maker out there, basically saying that their handsets aren’t quick enough to capture special moments. The subliminal message there seems to be that the Moto X will fix that issue, and this leaked Rogers video seems to indicate that indeed the Moto X will offer quick access to the camera.

Release date

From the beginning, the video tells us that the Moto X will be available only at Rogers, suggesting a carrier exclusivity for the handset, and at the end it says it will launch in August in black and white.

The device used in to demo the shown features is a black one – we saw the white one used be Eric Schmidt a couple of days ago – and there’s no mention of customizations support.

Rogers Moto X video leak

That’s not really surprising considering that not too long ago, a report suggested that carriers would get “standard” versions, while buyers purchasing the Moto X directly from Motorola will be able to customize the handset.

More Moto X information will apparently be available at at some point in the future, when the page will be made available.

Wrap up

The video leak is certainly surprising considering that the handset has not been officially unveiled yet – Motorola only mentioned its commercial name, a “summer” launch, and some of its features back in May at D11.

However, in case we’re looking at a controlled leaks campaign, then it only makes sense to see Motorola and carrier partners gradually reveal more and more details about the handset – after all, Google will reportedly invest $500 million in marketing the phone, and such leaks only bring extra free attention to the upcoming handset.

In addition to seeing Google and Motorola execs using the device, we’ve seen the Sprint, Verizon, AT&T (and now Rogers) versions of the phone leak, in this particular order. And it seems that with each day that goes by, more details regarding the phone’s functionality are unofficially revealed.

That said, a proper Moto X announcement should be coming soon, since the device will most likely start shipping next month.