Canadian mobile service provider Rogers has stumbled upon, perhaps, the most brilliant move we’ve seen from a carrier in a while.

Most carriers get the same great devices, at about the same time. We always want the newest devices, but we also like having some money in our pockets. The HTC One is great, but so is rent money. Rogers has announced they will now match any carrier’s advertised pricing, via a program they call… wait for it… “Price Match”.

The name may not be unique, or the method of matching prices, but it sure sounds simple enough. All you have to do is bring in an advertised price from another provider for a device, and Rogers will match it. It currently only works for existing customers, and has some fine print to be aware of.

The price to be matched must be advertised nationally, meaning smaller regional carriers’ prices aren’t applicable. Rogers will match prices from TELUS, Mobilicity, Koodo, WIND, Bell, Virgin Mobile, Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. Even then, it does a great job in levelling the playing field. It also does not work with monthly service plans, only devices.

This is a great tool to retain customers, and we’re hopeful it works out for Rogers. It would be nice to see other carriers do the same, too. Equality in pricing would be great, as it then makes our decision about the service provided, not which device we want.