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Rogers gushes over LTE-Advanced technology, ignores their low data caps

Canadian telecoms provide some of the worst service-per-dollar anywhere in the world.
October 27, 2014
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Canadian wireless carrier, Rogers, is gushing over their newest technology, called LTE-Advanced. According to Rogers president and CEO Guy Laurence, their network can be looked at as a “superhighway” due to its faster speeds and allowance for more traffic.

“Smoother means increased speeds eventually as well as consistency,” he said. “And over the course of time, we will be able to combine more highways.” – Raj Doshi, executive vice-president of wireless services at Rogers,

At the moment, nobody in Canada can access this new technology but according to Rogers the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will soon be getting a software update so that their devices can access the network. When that will be? We don’t know.

Not to be outdone, another Canadian wireless carrier, Bell, also told CBC News that they already have LTE-Advanced technology on their networks. Except, basically nobody can get it due to the lack of devices being ready to access Bell’s LTE-Advanced network.

Setting aside the fact that very few if anyone can currently access this vastly improved technology, what will people be able to actually do once they do have access? Data caps continue to plague wireless customers in Canada. As reminds us, Canadian telecoms provide some of the worst service-per-dollar anywhere in the developed world. In fact, it is so bad that Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos has claimed that it was “almost a human rights violation.”


Then there is the question of whether Rogers will be throttling users on their LTE-Advanced network. Considering that Rogers has been deemed as the “world absolute worst throttler,” it isn’t that far-fetched of a question.

The 2013 OECD Communications Outlook ranked Canada among the most expensive countries for wireless services in virtually every pricing category. If you take a look at Rogers history of wireless pricing in Canada, you will see a pattern of low data caps, insanely high overages and a number of added fees.

  • Rogers offering their 500MB crap capped plan that includes overages per MB over the cap.
  • Rogers fighting the Canadian government on whether to cap overage fees at $50 per month. Somehow, a customer being capped at $50 in additional fees over their regular bill would be “disruptive” per Rogers.
  • When Netflix entered the Canadian market, Rogers lowered customers data caps and claimed that customers shouldn’t worry because it would take them “several hundred thousand e-mails, for example, for you to reach your usage allowance. “

Rogers is launching LTE-Advanced today in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Windsor, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, Moncton, Fredericton, Halifax and Saint John. It said more markets will follow.