The wireless carrier battle is not heating up just in the States, with the three major Canadian telecommunications service providers being ever so close one to another.

It’s only natural therefore to see Rogers, Bell and Telus try to come up with the most lucrative and generous plans, so we aren’t very surprised that the first of the trio is getting ready for a change.

According to a couple of leaked internal docs, Rogers Wireless will significantly tweak its pricing structure, with the cheapest “occasional” plan including 200 MB of data and 1,000 local weekday minutes for $55.

$65 will get you in on the “social plan”, which will include 1 GB of data and unlimited local calling, the “streamer plan” with 3 GB of data will cost an extra 10 bucks while also featuring unlimited local calling, and to wrap it all up a monthly fee of $95 will buy you 5 GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling on the “connected plan”.

Wireless Internet overage charges will be $15 per GB for any of the first three plans and $10 for the connected plan, while other smaller treats, like unlimited text, picture and video messaging or unlimited evenings and weekend minutes will be included all around.

None of the info is of course confirmed by Rogers, but the new plans should go live tomorrow, on November 7. In the meantime, you can check out the existing plans here and figure out if the changes will do you any good. Will they? Do Bell and Telus have better deals?