Early last month the CRTC announced a new wireless code in Canada that introduced several welcome changes to cellular industry, including lowering the max contract term down to just two years.

While the code doesn’t go into affect until December 2nd, several Canadian carriers have already moved forward with the change to two-year plans. Bell started offering two-year contracts earlier today, and TELUS is following suite on July 30th.

What about the biggest cell provider in Canada, Rogers? While Rogers Wireless have yet to reveal any details about the change to two year contracts, MobileSyrup has managed to get their hands on a newly leaked document that acknowledges a change in terms is coming soon.

According to the leaked Rogers document:

The new Wireless Code impacts all carriers who have wireless contracts longer than 2 years. As such, we will be introducing new two-year contract and will share more details shortly. At Rogers, we are working hard to implement the Code and to make positive changes that will benefit our customers. Please stay tuned for more details, which will be provided shortly.

So when exactly is ‘shortly’? That’s hard to say. It could be within a few weeks, or they could wait as close to the December 2nd deadline as possible.

Regardless of when the changes are officially announced, it is great to finally see Canadian wireless carriers drop their antiquated 3-year contract policy. Now here’s to hoping that customers in Canada don’t end up paying significantly more for their phones or plan pricing as a result of this change.

Andrew Grush
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