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Safer and quicker browsing with RoboForm

RoboForm generates and stores strong passwords for all of your online log-ins across all of your devices. You can subscribe for less than $10 per year.
July 14, 2017

There’s never been a time when you’ve had to remember so many passwords, and yet it’s never been more important given the cyber-assailants lurking online. You can’t be expected to remember and update dozens of different passwords, which used to leave you with two options: write them down or use the same one for everything. Neither is secure, but fortunately there’s now an ideal 3rd option – RoboForm.

As the chippy commercial above demonstrates, RoboForm is designed to outsource online hassle, giving you a quicker and lower-admin browsing experience. It stores all of the details you’re repeatedly asked to input online and populates those standard forms in one click of a button.

But where RoboForm really comes into its own is as a password manager. For each of your log-ins it will generate a strong unique password and then store it so you needn’t remember. It works across all of your devices, so it could save you remembering 30-50 constantly changing key codes. You need only remember the one for RoboForm itself.

RoboForm is designed to outsource online hassle.

If you’re thinking that it’s no different than writing them down, think again. RoboForm protects your passwords via AES 256-bit encryption. If you haven’t heard of it then don’t give it a moment’s thought, you just need to know that your passwords are in safe hands.

We’re highlighting RoboForm today because there’s a hefty 62% discount on a 4 year subscription. While the offer lasts you can pick it up for just $29.95.

If you’re a bit more coy you can try it out with the 1 year subscription for just $9.95. But bear in mind that that by the time you realize what a gem RoboForm is the long term deal may not be on the table.

To check out the deal and peruse a selection of some top reviews RoboForm has garnered hit the button below.

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