Breach & Clear

A new game is being planned to launch on Android and one of its mastermind just happens to be Robert Bowling, a former Infinity Ward creative strategist. After leaving the Call of Duty studio due to “Too much ‘pew pew’ not enough new new,” he has been busy working on Breach & Clear, a tactical strategy game that is expected to simultaneously arrive to Android and iOS this spring.

In a bid to redefine mobile gaming, the game provides players control over spec ops forces all over the globe with various missions that mainly focus on eliminating terrorist groups.  Each mission will have unique objectives that call for different tactics and coordinated assaults when breaking into enemy bases. The game title is a reference to a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of many in the series overseen by Bowling.

Breach & Clear is being developed with design principles largely meant for a major console release but remodeled for a mobile device experience. As such, Bowling states that the “gameplay experience and mechanic […] is built from the ground up for mobile or touch control and enhance it with the depth and progression you’d expect from a AAA console release.”

First-time publisher Gun Media and Bowling’s Might Rabbit Studios have not provided any more details about this forthcoming strategy game. On the other hand, knowing that Bowling is quite invested in this project as executive producer surely means the game will be great.

Conan Hughes

Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.