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The developers of Riptide GP2 released a video demoing the multiplayer support coming to the game thanks to the implementation of the new Play games services.

If you watched the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday, you probably remember the awkward moment when Hugo Barra tried to demo cross-platform multiplayer gaming on stage using the hotly anticipated Riptide GP2. To the disappointment of the audience, the multiplayer session failed to work for some reason, leaving us curious about how the new Play games services will look and work.

If you need a primer, Play games services is basically the Android equivalent of Xbox Live or a similar service. It provides a way for game developers to implement achievements, cross platform multiplayer, cloud saves, and leaderboards.

The team behind Riptide GP2, Vector Unit, put up a little video to show us what Google couldn’t demo on stage due to technical difficulties. Check it out.

As you can see, Play Services lets users instantly set up multiplayer games with up to four players. The system also supports game invites, which are received both in-game and outside of it via the Android notification system. The system works across devices, Android or iOS, and even with web-based games. The three players in the demo use a Tegra 4-powered Shield console, a Nexus 7 coupled with a Moga controller, and a Galaxy S4.

Vector Unit says that it recorded the video in real time, meaning that the connection times are pretty good. The process of setting up and joining the multiplayer seems simple and fast, which is crucial for the success of the platform. To be fair though, connection times will also depend of server load, so it’s possible that the process will be slower when games services roll out on a wide scale.

Games services is a feature that promises to boost the quality of Android gaming, at a time when more companies work on Android-powered gaming consoles. What do you make of it?

Bogdan Petrovan
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