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Paranoid Android developer declares “Halo is dead”

Replying to post in an XDA forum thread, Paranoid Android developer PirateGhost has stated that the ROM's unique Halo multitasking feature is no more.
February 20, 2014
Paranoid Android Halo

Paranoid Android has been busy pumping out update after update for its new KitKat based ROM, but so far the popular Halo multitasking feature has remained absent from the updates. Sadly, it appears that Halo won’t ever be officially implemented into the AOSPA4+ build, as development team member PirateGhost, replying to post in an XDA forum thread, has stated that Halo is no more.

You are going to be waiting a loooooooooooong time. Halo is dead.

As a fellow Paranoid Android user and Halo convert, it’s clearly disappointing news, but SferaDev, another member of the development team, took to Reddit to try and clear up the situation. It turns out that the nature of KitKat has changed the way that the developers go about their business.

Ok Guys! Before the riots start about Halo’s death, let’s analyze a bit the situation. Some months ago, back to 2.99 versions some of you never realized the way you enjoyed Android would change with Halo. Yes it was revolutionary! Now in KitKat days, Android’s concept has improved the way we face to certain situations (like immersive). That evolution in AOSP moved the team to reinvent us in a manner some thought it was impossible.

Fortunately, this isn’t stopping the development team from trying to improve on native Android once again, the team is supposedly working on some all new features to appease those looking for something new.

I only beg one thing, please wait to what’s to come. If you loved Halo you will love whatever will come to your phones. And if you don’t there will be 10+ kangs with old Halo.

Halo lovers, don’t give up hope. There’s the possibility that Halo could show up in future unofficial builds of PA or in other ROMs altogether, as the team made opened up the HALO source code last year. This doesn’t mean that the developers have given up on multitasking features either, it’s possible that some of the planned features included a new and improved spin-off of Halo. Let’s not forget that the team has already brought changes to the Quick Settings tiles and has built an improved immersive mode, so there’s plenty of reasons to continue to enjoy the ROM.

At least now we have some closure on why Halo has been absent from the most recent Paranoid Android builds. I can’t wait to see what the Paranoid Android team has planned for future updates.