Most Android users would agree that the caller ID screen, and the entire phone app in general, is pretty bland and boring. But not anymore. RingSkin allows you to customize your call screen for the most amount of fun calling, and receiving calls allows for. The app is completely free in the Android Market, and maintains a 4.2 star rating with 16 total reviews. If you haven’t already left us to go download the app, let’s dive right into what RingSkin can do for you.


Upon opening the app, you will have the option to set skins by group (your pre-made contact groups) or individual contact. Keep in mind that RingSkin is free and until you unlock the full version from within the app, there will be restrictions on what you can do. However, right off the bat, you will definitely be able to create custom incoming and outgoing call screens for each and every one of your contacts! To start, simply choose a contact from your phone, select a picture, and customize the skin. To be more specific, when creating the skin, RingSkin gives its users the ability to choose a theme, add video and music, and even put text bubbles onto the skin.

Spam Blocker

Most people don’t recognize the full potential of RingSkin at first glance. Have you been getting some pesky phone calls from marketers? With RingSkin, you can easily choose what numbers to block from calling you. No more spam, and no more boring call screens. What more could someone ask for?

Other Goodies

In addition to everything mentioned before, RingSkin packs a few more surprises. For example, you can choose exactly how to answer your phone calls. You can either tell the app to answer the phone with one click, or one finger slide. Finally, RingSkin allows for full screen and animation skins.


I have been putting off this review for quite a while now because I was having so much fun with RingSkin and I kept finding cool new things to do. Not to mention the fact that I completely smashed up my phone. But in all honesty, RingSkin will make calling, and receiving calls, a lot more fun and easier with its intuitive features and functionality. I highly suggest that you pick up RingSkin in the Android Market absolutely free!