There is no denying that RIM is in trouble, even if RIM’s CEO wants to paint a different picture for investors and consumers alike. The delay of BlackBerry 10 means that current BlackBerry offerings are stuck with an OS that is truly behind the times. All is not lost, or so says CEO Thorsten Heins. Recently, rumors have popped up claiming that Samsung and RIM may be partnering up in the near future, despite Samsung’s denial of such a move. As a result of the rumors, RIM’s stock actually went up 13%. Regardless of what partners it may be working with, Heins reaffirms that BlackBerry 10 will be ready to license itself to other companies very soon.

One area that RIM’s CEO suggests for possible licensing is in the automotive sector. For those not aware, RIM’s BlackBerry 10 is actually based on the older QNX OS. QNX is used in automotive, military and nuclear pursuits, so it might make sense that BB10 could be targeted at these same groups. The CEO has also talked about the possibility of BB10 running on handsets from companies like Samsung and Sony. Thorsten Heins has repeatedly suggested that the company isn’t in real danger. Instead, RIM is simply facing a slump that comes from the transition to a brand new OS. Once the transition is over, Heins claims that things will stabilize again.

Considering how adamant the CEO seems to be on licensing out BB10, I’m not sure if I (or anyone) buys that this is just a small slump. From what we’ve seen, BB10 does look like it could have some pretty big strong points, and QNX is considered a rather stable platform. Can licensing out BB10 be enough to put RIM back on the right track?

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