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Rhino Shield, the latest awesome Kickstarter campaign

A new Kickstarter project, Rhino Shield, promises a glass protector with impact protection.
February 15, 2013
Rhino Shield

You drop your phone, I drop my phone, we all drop our phones. We’re clumsy, forgetful and just downright careless. So, should we start acting our age and taking care of our toys? Not a chance! We’ll just protect our stuff from us, which is the aim of a new Kickstarter project, Rhino Shield.

The screen protectors we have now all offer scratch resistance, which is nice… but not all that necessary. Gorilla Glass, which is used on just about every smartphone there is lately, is pretty great at that. What no smartphone glass is good at is impact protection, more importantly dropping the phone from any reasonable distance onto a hard surface. Rhino Shield looks to change all of that, touting on its Kickstarter page two layers of impact protection built right into the film.

Now, are we saying you should go hitting your phone with a hammer, like the Kickstarter page shows? If you have the phone in those demos, yes… yes you should. You and I, however, are just accident prone. Unless somehow stuck in a Tom & Jerry cartoon, I can’t see a hammer coming into contact with my mobile device.

Rhino Shield promises to be thin and light, measuring at only 0.028cm. Those specs keep it case friendly, and won’t interfere with the speediness of touch interface. A glass protector that thin, which offers impact protection? Sign me up, but quickly. There are only 26 days left in the campaign with pledges starting at £1, a tribute for all the glass that’s broken. Paying £12-20 secures your Rhino Shield unit for your device of choice, whether it’s Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet (although only some devices are supported,) as long as the project reaches its £50,000 goal.