Rhapsody and Napster subscribers on Android can now send music to their TV through Chromecast. Rhapsody and Napster are two more in a long line of apps that have added support for the Google Chromecast since the cast sdk was released in February. And with each new app, users gain a greater bang for their buck from this $35 streaming device.

Napster, now owned by Rhapsody, along with Rhapsody itself, offer users a music catalogue of over 18 million songs for a $10/month subscription fee. Music is streamed to your devices, but can also be downloaded for offline use. Users control what they want to listen to and experience it ad-free.

The addition of Chromecast support continues the ad-free experience on the big screen in your home. In the words of Paul Springer, SVP of Americas and Chief Product Officer, “adding support for Google Chromecast is another example of our commitment to giving music lovers more ways to easily enjoy the music they love in the comfort of their own home without interruption.”

Rhapsody Chromecast

We recently had a debate whether Chromecast was destined to be king of the TV, or if the new Amazon Fire TV was the next big thing. Feel free to go join in that debate, but one thing is for certain, with more and more services like Rhapsody and Napster coming to Chromecast, Google appears to have a bit of a hit device on their hands, and for $35, it is something that most of us can afford to enjoy.

Update Rhapsody in the Play Store app on your Android device, or grab the Rhapsody app from the Google Play Store.

Current Rhapsody and Napster users – is Chromecast support one of the key features you’ve been desperately waiting for? If you’ve been on the fence about using Rhapsody and Napster, is Chromecast support a deciding factor?

Jonathan Feist
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