Revolv Glass home automation

Revolv shows us home and office automation through Glass

Revolv shows us home and office automation through Glass

Home automation sounds like fun, but the disparate methods for accomplishing it leave us all wondering if we’ll ever really see it. If the guys at Revolv have their way, we’ll not only see it, we’ll see it on Glass.

In the video below, they show off their new Glass app, which allows users to control their home and/or office via Google’s headset. While it does show our host meandering around his office, turning things off and on with ease, the video doesn’t divulge how. We’ll assume there is some sort of Bluetooth tagging involved, in which his phone, and by virtue Glass headset, knows where he is in relation to items he can control. What we can’t speculate on is how the items are controlled on a hardware level.

Either way, it looks really fun, and could be a good selling point for Glass. If Glass ever becomes a consumer hit, this will definitely be one of the apps people will look to have.

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