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This guy turned a 70’s era TV set into a dedicated Chromecast machine

Youtuber Dr. Moddnstein didn't want to see this 1978 TV go into the trash, so he turned it into a portable Chromecast set.

Published onApril 5, 2016

In a marriage of retro style and modern convenience, one Youtuber has taken an old 1978 tube television set and rigged it up to stream video and audio content through Chromecast. The original tubes are intact, meaning the set takes an agonizing 15-seconds to boot up, but this old school piece of tech is pretty all-around badass.

When the creator, Youtube handle “Dr. Moddnstine,” found the old television set, it was in a dumpster ready to be hauled away and crushed. Since he had so many memories of watching cartoons on an old set like this as a child, he decided to rescue the thing and see if he could turn it into something useful. The result is pretty spectacular. Although we imagine the set is pretty heavy, the lack of any exterior wires beyond the power cable and the fully-integrated nature of the Chromecast device and audio jack make this a pretty portable entertainment system.

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What’s particularly interesting is that Dr. Moddnstine has built a unique automated system that gives the television full remote control via Chromecast. When a video is cast to “Red TV,” the set automatically kicks on, and when you stop streaming, it automatically shuts itself down. However, since the tubes make warming the set up a bit of a hassle, Moddnstine has concocted a 5-minute delay timer that keeps the set alive after streaming so that you’re not constantly enduring that 15-second startup every time there’s a gap between video choices.

This is a pretty cool mod that demonstrates just what is possible with a modicum of ingenuity and modern technology. Now what we really hope is that this guy shows up on Shark Tank or something and goes into full-scale production. I want one of these in my bedroom. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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