The rugged Motorola Defy XT might be a bit long on the tooth, but on the plus side, owners of the device don’t to have to fight for the affection of Republic Wireless — as it’s the only Android handset offered by the prepaid carrier.

Whether you own the single- or dual-band Defy XT, a software update for your phone is now available to download and install via OTA. The update, which comes with various improvements and tweaks, will bring your phone’s software to version 1_65_K-1207.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Ability to place E911 call over WiFi when CDMA network is not accessible
  • Ability to transmit SMS over WiFi when CDMA network is not accessible
  • Ability to manually add WiFi access point via the WiFi wizard
  • Optimization and improvements to cellular calling
  • Audio optimization while using speakerphone on a WiFi call
  • Latest Android security patches to improve device security against malware

The update will be available to download via WiFi only. If you haven’t received the notification, you can go to the phone’s “System updates” menu and select “Download”.

Bams Sadewo
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