To get a “real” unlimited plan these days, customers have to cough up three digits of cash each month. Although companies like T-Mobile and Boost Mobile boast unlimited plans for around $50, they both have their drawbacks. On the other hand, Republic Wireless is looking out for its “Wi-Fi People”. Now, after buying an LG Optimus starting at $49, Republic Wireless customers will get unlimited everything for just $19 a month!

What’s the catch you ask? Why must there always be a catch? The company, although never charging a single overage fee, suggests that 550 minutes, 150 texts, and 300 MB of data would be close to your limit. Therefore, feel free to send thousands of texts and download data like there is no tomorrow. However, if you keep these bad habits up, you will get a reminder about your excessive usage and eventually, be asked to leave the network.

Just how do they do it you ask? Well, after calculating that smart phone users have Wi-Fi 60% of the time, whether or not they can access those networks or not, they estimate that you can save boatloads of data but still have access to unlimited everything. More specifically, while you are sitting at home, your phone will connect to your Wi-Fi network, or let’s say your neighbors. Therefore, you aren’t using any of your wireless providers bandwidth. However, what happens when you are stranded in the middle of no where and have to download a 301 MB file? Republic Wireless will totally allow you to do this, and you won’t get charged any overage fees. But keep in mind, if you keep this up, you might just be asked to go back to Verizon.

As for calling and texting, 550 minutes and 150 texts may seem a bit small for you. Therefore, Republic Wireless allows for you to send texts and make calls over Wi-Fi. Therefore, those 550 minutes and 150 texts are just for when you aren’t on a Wi-Fi network.


$19 a month for an “unlimited” data plan sounds insane. However, unless you are going to be connected to Wi-Fi at all times, this plan might not be for you. Despite not having any data overages, the limits for data, calling, and texting are pretty small. But, if your not a heavy user, you can get more info on the plan here.

Any thoughts? Any switchers out there?