Word is, well the rumor as of right now, is that Samsung is supposedly re-evaluating support for Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S line and the 7-inch Galaxy Tab. They previously said it was not going to happen, but if Samsung can somehow change their mind on this, a lot of people will be very happy!

We understand that the Galaxy S line of phones has less specs then what is needed to run ICS, but maybe Samsung can work some magic and get ICS on your Galaxy S phone. I don’t expect them to change their mind, they have the Galaxy S2 line to work on now, along with a few other flagship phones. And this is just how the technology ecosystem works.

Even if Samsung does decide to give Galaxy S owners a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich and update those phones in a timely manner, what will the US Carriers do? Like we’ve seen in the past, carriers have haulted and even made updates not available for certain phones to force you to buy a new phone.

But for rooted users, this is all just a waste of time, as I am sure there will be many custom ICS roms for the Galaxy S line and the original Galaxy Tab 7-inch, especially because ICS is open sourced and Honeycomb sadly never got open sourced.

Are you excited about Samsung perhaps changing their mind about giving Galaxy S owners some Ice Cream Sandwich?

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