nexus 4 cracked topolsky

The small crack is visible near the flash LED.

If you have a Nexus 4, you know how it feels to see that cracked back plate. Even if it’s not your device… you feel that twinge of pain for the other guy. That gorgeous, glassy phone in such a condition just hurts.

I’m exaggerating, but the despair is real. With no way to easily get hold of another battery cover, it can feel like we’ve got to live with it. Chris Chavez over at Phandroid know that pain, and he’s gone ahead and lived it publicly for us.

The video below shows how to replace your Nexus 4 battery cover. It’s pretty easy, but maybe a little nerve racking. The whole thing is simple enough, and the only special equipment you’ll need is a T5 torx screwdriver.

Keep in mind the replacement cover in the video is pretty basic, and doesn’t have the bells and whistles you may be used to. NFC isn’t going to work with the new cover, which is something you may enjoy using (as I’ve recently found, it can be amazing). Rather than replace the back, a case may be a suitable fix for you.

Check out the video, and let us know if you have a cracked Nexus 4. We’re curious just how many are floating around out there!