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How to remove a TikTok filter from a video

Anything can be changed — except maybe Vanilla Coke.
February 27, 2023

When we are uploading our video creation masterpieces to TikTok, you may get a bit carried away with adding filters and other special effects. It happens to all of us. There are so many options that we want to try them all out. If you suddenly realize you’ve gone a bit over the top, is it possible to remove a filter from a TikTok video? At what point does it become impossible to remove that filter? And if you hate the filter that someone else has used on their video, can you take it off? All these burning questions, and more, will be answered below.

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It is possible to remove a TikTok filter from a video, but only before the video has been published. Once the video has been published, you cannot make any changes to it. It is not possible to remove the filter, or make any other kind of change, to someone else's TikTok video.


Can you remove a filter from a TikTok video?

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Yes, you can remove a filter from a TikTok video, but only before it has been published. You cannot remove the filter once the video is live. In that scenario, you can only make an edited version of the video and re-upload it. But obviously, if you do this, you would lose all likes, comments, and other interactions from followers on the original version of the video.

How to remove a filter before and after recording a TikTok video

When you are editing a video to prepare it for publication on TikTok, you can access the editing features with the icons down the right-hand side of the screen. Two of them are Effects and Filters.

Basically, as long as the video is unpublished, you can reverse anything that you do to your videos. If it is an effect, you can click the left-leaning white arrow next to your video. This is the undo button and will reverse what you just did.

If you added a filter, you can either tap the Normal filter to put it back to the way it was. Or you can tap the circle icon with the diagonal line through it. This also undoes the last change you made.

How to remove a filter from your TikTok drafts

If the video is unpublished and in your TikTok drafts folder, you can still remove any filters and effects you have added to the video.

Go to your Profile page on the app and the top-left video thumbnail will be marked Drafts. This is your drafts folder. Tap it and find the video you want to alter. Tap the video and you will end up back at the editing screen, where you can remove a filter or an effect, which we showed you in the last section.

Can you remove a filter from someone else’s TikTok video?

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No, you cannot remove a filter from someone else’s TikTok video. Once they have uploaded their video to the TikTok platform, it cannot be altered or censored in any way by anyone else. Well, TikTok themselves could probably do it — they do own the platform after all. But ordinary folks like you and me can’t. Besides, wouldn’t that be rather impolite to do that to someone else’s hard work?

So if you have a burning desire to see what Kim Kardashian looks like without her makeup on, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

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