What is Reminisce Lock Screen Photos?

Reminisce Lock Screen Photos is a simple lock screen replacement app that populates your lock screen with a random photo every time you unlock your device. You can set it to pull photos from a number of places. It’s totally free to use with no in app purchases and it’s very simple to use.

Okay so here’s how it works. Reminisce Lock Screen Photos has really only two screens to deal with. The main screen lets you sign into Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa as well as your photo gallery. From that point forward, when you turn your device on, you’ll see a photo from one of those places as your lock screen. It only pulls your personal photos so you won’t be seeing any random stuff posted by your friends or people that you follow.

The lock screen itself is very simple. There isn’t any real functionality there. You just swipe to the side to unlock the device. The only really alarming thing is that we couldn’t get the lock screen to work with things like a PIN or a pattern unlock. People who use lock screen security probably shouldn’t use this.

Reminisce screenshot review

It's not great but it's not bad.


Very simple to use.
Pulls from a couple of the popular places like Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram.
During our testing, it worked without any bugs or weird crashes.
Free with no in app purchases.


Maybe a little too simple. We would've liked to have seen more features like opening apps from the lock screen or support for notifications.
There is no lock screen security available with this app and that's going to make it unusable to a lot of people.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a fun little lock screen replacement app. We would’ve liked to have seen more functionality, more photo sources, and more security measures implemented. As it stands, if you need something simple and don’t require lock screen security, then this isn’t half bad.

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