Google I/O 2014

Everyone’s favorite Google powered media streaming stick is up for sale right now, get your hands on a refurbished Chromecast for just $15 from Groupon, with coupon code.

The deal runs for the next ten days, or while supplies last. Groupon will sell you the refurbished Chromecast for $25, then add in either promo code HAPPY10 or 10FORU to save the extra $10 and still score free shipping within the U.S.

While we’ve been waiting for Android TV to come along and take over all of the air time that we spend with our Chromecasts, the little streaming stick persists. Development of apps that are able to cast to the TV have slowed, perhaps, but still remains strong with frequent additions to the list of apps that have added cast support.

The streaming stick is well worth the regular price of $35, adding what some consider to be essential smarts to any HDMI capable display. Some of us use it as the hub of our media center, using our Android devices or Chrome browser to stream our favorite Netflix shows to the big screen. Some of us just hook it to the home theater receiver to get our favorite tunes on the big speakers.

Chromecast website app discovery update

If you are not sure what can be done with your Chromecast, be sure to hit the Google Cast page. The Google Cast page is loaded with all of the apps that are in the Play Store and more, all ready to cast to the big screen.

“While supplies last” can sometimes sell out fairly quick, be sure to hit the Groupon website soon if you desire to get your next Chromecast for just $15.

$15, $25, $35 or whatever price you pay, does anyone regret their Chromecast purchase?

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