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How to redeem an Amazon gift card

Start spending in moments.

Published onApril 19, 2023

Most people born in the age of the internet have received at least one Amazon gift card, but do you know how to redeem the code on the card without having to ask the little kid next door? Entering Amazon gift card codes, whether you have a Visa gift card or another option, and getting the credit applied to your account is extremely fast and easy, as you’re about to see.


To redeem an Amazon gift card, log in to your Amazon account and click Gift Cards at the top of the page. Click Redeem a Gift Card and enter the code on the back of the card. The amount will then be automatically credited to your Amazon account.


How to redeem your Amazon gift card on the web

To redeem your Amazon gift card on the web, go to the Amazon site on which the card was bought and log in. Then go to Gift Cards underneath the search box. Don’t click Vouchers as that is something totally different. You should also bear in mind that Gift Cards may not appear until you have signed into your account.

amazon header

On the next page, you will see your current gift certificate balance, a link to top up your account balance yourself, and a link to redeem a gift card sent by someone else. Click that last one.

amazon gift cards page

Enter your full code from the Amazon gift card in the text box provided. Make sure you also enter the dashes. Finally, click Apply to your balance.

amazon gift card enter codes

If you have entered the code properly, it will give you a success message and tell you the amount has been credited to your account balance. Amazon will try to use the credit balance the next time you want to buy something, but if you’d rather keep the credit balance for something else, you can de-select it at the checkout stage.

amazon gift card success

How to redeem your Amazon gift card on the mobile app

To redeem a gift code on the Amazon mobile app, tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. This opens up the settings. Tap Gifting and Charity. You’ll see that Gift Cards are the first option on the list.

amazon ios app gift cards

At the top of the screen, you will see your current gift card balance. Tap the downwards arrow at the far right, and a small menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Select Redeem an Amazon Gift Card.

amazon ios gift card balance

If you have a physical cardboard card, you can scan the barcode on the back with the Amazon app camera. Alternatively, enter your code into the box provided, and tap Apply to your balance.

amazon ios gift card enter code

You’ll then get a success message confirming the code worked. You’ll also be told what your new credit balance currently is.

amazon ios gift card redeemed


No, Amazon does not reveal this information in the interests of customer privacy.

Yes. An Amazon account registered in one country can be used to log into an Amazon website in another country. Simply log in and go to the gift voucher section, paying with your credit card. The only difficulty you may face is that the other Amazon site may be in a foreign language you don’t understand. You may also get an unfavorable exchange rate because of the different currency.

Yes, just go to the section on Amazon where you would enter a gift code. You can see your current credit balance there (if any).

An Amazon gift card is valid for ten years from the date it was first issued.

It could be any number of reasons. Perhaps the code has already been redeemed, in which case you obviously can’t redeem it again. Perhaps you’ve entered the code wrong, so try entering it again (although Amazon will lock your account if you try and fail too many times.) You also can’t transfer credit balances to other Amazon accounts, so once the code has been redeemed, you can’t move the balance to another account. It’s tied to the account it’s been redeemed to. You should also bear in mind that Amazon gift cards can only be used on the site it was bought on. So an gift card can only be used on and not for example. If in doubt, contact Amazon customer service

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