If you’re a Reddit fan you have hopefully came across Reddit Sync on Google Play. Widely considered to be one of the best Reddit apps available, Reddit Sync became popular thanks to all the ‘little things’ that the developer put in, and the new ones that come along with the weekly releases. So, what’s in these recent updates for Reddit Sync?

Imgur album browsing

When someone links to an Imgur album on Reddit, you won’t have to use a micro-browser to view the pictures on Imgur’s site. Reddit Sync pulls them down as you view them in a Gallery-style image viewer. Each picture is numbered, and the total amount of images shown. Here is an example:

Upvote/Downvote count in comments

Instead of showing only the total amount of karma on a post, the separate amount of upvotes and downvotes can be seen. This gives you a far better idea of how popular a comment actually is. A comment could have a total Karma of 5000, but could consist of 25000 upvotes and 20000 downvotes.

“Casual” quick subreddit browsing

This new addition allows you to browse a specific subreddit without adding it to the applications main ‘list’. Once you close that subreddit it’s gone until you next call upon it. Useful if you want to investigate a new subreddit without having to add it to your full list.


The recently added sidebar can be brought up at any point during your browsing, by tapping the Reddit Sync title. This saves you having to move all the way back to the first subreddit menu panel, allowing you to quickly search, check out your profile, messages, log out and so forth.

Hide NSFW Threads and Google Drive Integration

If you enjoy using Reddit in a workplace environment and don’t want your coworkers or boss to see you looking at something… obscure, you’ll appreciate this new toggle. All posts tagged NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) will be hidden, letting you browse in your lunch break safely.

The Google Drive integration means that when you save images from Reddit Sync to your phone, they are automatically synced to Google Drive too.

Getting hold of it

So you’re interested in Reddit Sync? I don’t blame you! Here is my original review from a few months ago, and the market link. Enjoy!