Reddit Now review

What is Reddit Now?

Reddit is a very popular site. People go there to find out news, complain about things, indie app of the dayand post pictures with the goal of making normal people hate the internet. Unfortunately, one slight drawback is the occasionally bland interface that is quite efficient but not all that much to look at. Today’s indie app of the day is Reddit Now and it tries to solve that problem.

Reddit Now is a pretty standard Reddit app on the face of it and includes most of the features you’d expect out of a Reddit app. That means you can comment, upvote, downvote, messaging, multi-Reddit support, inbox, Reddit Gold support, save images for offline viewing, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Regular users shouldn’t feel like they’re missing much if they switch over.

Where Reddit Now really shines is the UI. It employs a card-based UI that shows the stats on the post, the up and down vote buttons, the favorite button, a menu button, and of course part of the post itself. It lets you know when things are gifs, images, video, or text. At the top there are slide-able tabs that change based on what part of Reddit you’re currently browsing. It’s quite enjoyable to look at although the interface and all that media all at once may be considered too cluttered for some people.

In terms of performance, the app performs smoothly. It is a little resource intensive but that’s likely because of all of the information that it has to receive and display. If you have an older device or internet connection issues there may be some lag or longer load times. If you’re one of those people, a more simple Reddit app may be your best bet.

Reddit Now review 2


Beautifully designed UI.
Little to no feature loss over other Reddit apps.
Multi-account and Reddit Gold support.
Phone and tablet support.


Card UI is a far reach from the original UI. Purists might not like it.
Can be CPU and/or data intensive may result in underwhelming performance for some.
Occasional bugs reported here and there.

Bottom Line

Overall, Reddit Now is a beautiful application. If there were one site that could use a little flair, it would be┬áReddit. Purists may not like the card UI and some people may not like the resource intensive nature of Reddit Now. However, if you’re a fan of the card-UI and you’ve always wanted Reddit to be a little more colorful then this is a good app to try. It’s free in the Google Play Store and you can find it using the button below.

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