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Reddit ET: Multi-featured Reddit client for Android

August 23, 2012

Reddit is one of the largest social bookmarking sites on the web. Despite its popularity among millions of users worldwide, it still lacks a dedicated client for Android devices. However, there are a bunch of third-party Reddit applications to fill in the gap. Fresh from the Google Play Store is Reddit ET Free, a third-party Reddit client that is packed with features and claims to be the most comprehensive application to give users the complete Reddit experience.

Reddit ET sports ICS-inspired Holo-style menus, columns, dropdowns, and tabs. Also included in the package are several familiar Reddit features, such as threaded comments, a native browser, the up/down voting system, subscriptions, customization with themes, NSFW support, homescreen widgets, custom links, and text submissions.

Aside from the mentioned features, Reddit ET has included some additional features, such as the ability to view Subreddits that you have not yet subscribed to. And to top it all, the app’s widget can also serve you with all the latest feeds from any Subreddit that you have liked.

Reddit ET also lets you view your friends’ posts and explore a little bit deeper. You can also explore Reddit in full-screen mode and interact in Canvas Mode to get a totally new look and fresh feel. For users who have Android 2.3 and above, they’ll be able to view YouTube videos embedded within each post.

Reddit ET also lets you get an overview look of your profile as well as the posts that you have saved, liked, disliked, and kept hidden. The app also supports filtering of Subreddit that ranges from the Reddit frontpages, subscribed Subreddits, trending posts, and risings posts of the day. You can also manually refresh the Subreddit with the use of the Reload All button.

Although Reddit ET has a pool of innovative features, it does however suffer some setbacks when used with a tablet. Some functions have been disabled, like the voting system, inability to save personalized settings in the front page, no support for emoticons, the dark theme barely works properly, it does not support multiple accounts, and other core features that require a bit of tweaking for it to work properly.

Despite these setbacks, Reddit ET is one of the best applications if you are looking for a dedicated Reddit ET client. If you are still browsing Reddit through your mobile phone’s browser, then it is about time you make the switch.

Reddit ET Free is available for free on the Google Play Store. If you feel like supporting the developers, you can purchase the pro version pegged. Aside from being ad-free, the pro version also unlocks other features such as the Canvas Mode, clear app cache, pinch-to-zoom for images, switching from landscape to portrait orientation, and a lot more.