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Reddit users post a list of Android development resources

Getting into Android development can be tough, but some users on Reddit have got you covered.
February 5, 2013
android development

Getting into Android development can be tough. There are a lot of resources and websites out there dedicated to the development of Android and they all have a pretty extensive list of resources. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone posted a handy list of resources people could use to get a more streamlined introduction into Android development? Reddit users have got you covered.

A list was recently posted by Reddit user autom8r that contains a pretty good list of resources for Android development purposes. You won’t be unlocking bootloaders or compiling custom ROMs like developers on XDA. However, you will be able to use these resources to build your own Android app.

The resource lists is pretty complete. It includes the beginner’s set up process like downloading the Android SDK, Eclipse, Java, and some introductory guides. Following that is guides for programming, design, tips and tricks, widgets, and other guides to help you build a well rounded application. The end of the list is comprised of guides to help you monetize your application and publish it to Google Play and other Android app stores.

So how good is this list of Android development resources?

There is no beating around the bush. If you want to develop an Android app and you don’t know what you’re doing, use this list. There are dozens of helpful resources all in one spot. This makes it easy to keep your place and find what you need without bombarding your bookmarks folder or sifting through tutorials until you find the right one.

What makes this list even better is that much of it is comprised from content from reputable sites like, github and Stack Overflow. So these aren’t links to amateur blogs, it’s where coders go to talk or learn about code anyway.

Check the source links below to check it out. If you’re planning on doing some Android development, there aren’t many lists like this one and few that are better. Is anyone going to be bookmarking this?