bright red nexus 7 sleeve

The official Nexus 7 accessory line from Google expanded a tiny bit today to include a new color for the Nexus 7 sleeve.

Today Google introduced the bright red Nexus 7 sleeve for those who want something that’s a bit brighter and more vibrant than the old black, grey, and yellow options. Like all other versions, the red Nexus 7 sleeve has the Nexus branding on the zipper, a stitched pattern on one side, and a pocket on the other. The pocket is just big enough to fit a pair of headphones or maybe some other sort of cable.

The sleeve, of course, will work with both the 2012 and 2013 models of the Nexus 7.

Google’s official Nexus 7 sleeve offers a good amount of protection for the tablet, though using it means carrying the case around when the tablet is in use. It’s perfect for those who throw the 7-inch tablet into their bag where it might get scratched up.

At $29.99 the Nexus 7 sleeve is about the same price as many cases for the tablet. Not everyone wants to put a case around their devices, but it’s worth noting for those who can see the benefit of both. There are even a few cases that are cheaper than Google’s sleeve. Our Nexus 7 (2013) accessory buying guide has a few cases for those looking for that sort of protection for their device.

Is the new color enough to make you shell out for Google’s official sleeve?

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