On Friday we saw the very first image of the newly rumored red version of the Nexus 5, leaked by a Vietnamese retailer. We also learned that a yellow model might also be in the works.

Now we have even more evidence to back the claim of an upcoming red Nexus 5, as a Twitter user by the name of @artyomstar has now released several screenshots showing off the red model’s retail packaging. Although the images could be faked, the box certainly looks legit enough.


Of course until Google officially confirms the red Nexus 5 (and any other new colors), speculation is advised. It’s also unclear when we’ll see the red model launched if it really is coming, though Valentine’s Day sounds like a pretty likely target given the color — though that’s just speculation on our part.

What do you think, if the Nexus 5 really is arriving in red, would you be interested or not?