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Get flagship power for under $500 with Red Magic 3S this Black Friday

Nubia's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a power user.
November 29, 2019

Mobile games just keep getting better, and gaming phones are getting better along with them. The problem is, phones are also getting more expensive. Well, the Red Magic 3S from Nubia challenges that notion.

The best part is, the technology that goes into making a top-performing gaming phone is exactly what you’re looking for when hunting for a premium device, so even if you’re not a major mobile gamer, Red Magic has the device for you!

We recently had the opportunity to review the Red Magic 3S, and it provides incredible gaming value for less than $500. You can game for hours with a massive 5,000mAh battery, a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, and a 90Hz refresh rate. Where else can you get a gaming phone with those specs for such a great price?

The Red Magic 3S deal gets even sweeter this holiday season, with deals on each day from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Eclipse Black Friday


The four-day-long deals kick off on November 29 with the option of saving on your new Eclipse Black Red Magic 3S or an accessories bundle. You can choose from a premade bundle of accessories with the Black version of the Red Magic 3S, or select your own at checkout. The accessories you choose will perfectly match your phone since they’re all sleek nubia black and red. To recap the Friday edition of the deal:

  • Save up to $30 with a minimum Eclipse Black purchase + any 3S accessory bundle.
  • Save up to $20 on Red Magic 3S accessories of your choice.

Mecha Silver Weekend


The special discounts available starting November 30 apply to the silver version of the Red Magic 3S, the Mecha Silver edition. You have much the same choice of deals, so I thought I’d mention some of the cool accessories you can choose from. Accessories include a protective case, which is smart because there aren’t too many case options for such a unique device.

The Red Magic 3S already packs a massive 5,000mAh battery for all-day use, but you can add a 10,000mAh power bank to your bundle and just keep on gaming. You can fully recharge your battery twice, which is perfect for those long road trips around the holidays. Another great road trip accessory is a pair of Nubia Pods. These are true wireless earbuds that perfectly match your new gaming phone. They feature Qualcomm aptX audio and up to 24 hours of playtime with the charging case.

Cyber Shade Monday


The deal really kicks into high gear on Monday, December 2 and you’ll have to act fast. All three deals run until December 3 at 12AM PST, but Cyber Monday packs a special deal for the red and blue version of the Red Magic 3S. You can save on the offers from Friday and the weekend, but you can also choose to pick up a mega accessory bundle and save $50 in total with the Cyber Shade colorway.

That’s right, on Monday you can save the combined value of both of the other deals.

Superpowered daily driver

The Red Magic 3S is so much more than a gaming phone. It packs incredible power and speed at a budget price if you’re looking for a unique daily driver device. The screen is massive, and so is the battery. You’re getting top-tier phone specs for less than $500, a feat that’s almost impossible to find now that OnePlus and other budget phone makers keep upping their prices.

It also comes free from any bloatware or pre-installed games, so you’re completely in control of what you do with your device. Our very own Gary Sims spent an entire week with the Red Magic 3S, so if you’re still finding yourself with questions, I’m sure Gary has the answers. Check out his review, but make sure you do it before the deals get started!