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Red HTC One apparently does exist, shows up on retailer website

The elusive red HTC One has made yet another appearance, this time on a UK retailer's website. Read on to find out more.
May 6, 2013
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The red HTC One, the smartphone that appeared on the HTC website then disappeared never to be heard of again, has made another appearance recently.

You may remember that a red HTC One showed up on the company’s website (see image below), but it was then removed and blamed on a mistake. Well, it would seem that the elusive red HTC One has made yet another appearance.

This time, it’s on the website of UK retailer Handtec and, while at first you would tend to think that the site has mistakenly used the wrong image (as there are remains of the whole red HTC One discussion all over the web), it seems that it is not the case. The text on the site also mentions that what the retailer is selling is the SIM free Red 32 GB HTC One, SIM unlocked.

red HTC One

There’s only one problem: the smartphone is listed as being out of stock (but you can sign up and get notified when it’s getting restocked). The price is £503.99 (around $782), which includes VAT, for UK and Europe, and £419.99 (approximately $652) for the rest of the world.

What would be interesting to know is why, if the model exists indeed, has it been saved for later? Will it be exclusive to some carriers? Because it’s hard to imagine that a company would make a render of a smartphone in a color version that it doesn’t plan to sell. Only HTC can answer these questions and who knows, maybe the company will at some point.

But until it does, you can check out our review of the HTC One (it’s not a red HTC One, but it’s the same device, after all):

Do you think the red HTC One actually exists?