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News of a red variant of the HTC One (M8) heading to Verizon Wireless made the rounds on Twitter recently and caused some buzz in Twitterland.

The leaked information came from Twitter user @evleaks, an acknowledged source of insider information about HTC devices.

The all-metal HTC One (M8) currently has three official color variants: Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver, and Amber Gold. The rumored red variant will reportedly be known as Glamour Red.

Unlike several of previous leaks from @evleaks, this one was not accompanied by any photo or image. Many users would have appreciated such proof of the information’s veracity.  HTC has not yet given official word confirming this leak, nor does the leak source hint at a possible release date.

Many people treat the leaked info not as rumor or wishful thinking but as a real likelihood, since HTC already set a precedent: It released a Glamour Red version of its earlier HTC One (M7), which was well-received by many users, so the news of a red variant for its most recent flagship comes as no surprise.

The red M7, however, was destined for Sprint, so this news about a red HTC One (M8) for Verizon actually aroused some interest in some people.

HTC unveiled the 5-inch phone last month. It comes with a quad-core 2.3-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and 1080p Full HD display.

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