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How to record a Zoom meeting

Zoom through study sessions or catch up on missed meetings with recordings.
October 6, 2022

Some of us have had the unfortunate experience of attending meetings after Zoom meetings, scrambling to take notes to remind ourselves of critical points to remember when we are more awake. Instead, you can avoid all that by recording your meetings to re-watch whenever you need a refresher. The feature also comes in handy to share the meeting afterward with anyone unable to join. Here’s how to record a Zoom meeting.

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To record a Zoom meeting, you must be the host or be granted permission by the host. Click More, then select Record.


Record a Zoom meeting on the desktop app

By default, Zoom will only allow the host to initiate a Recording. So once you’ve set up and started your meeting, click More, then select Record on this computer.

record zoom computer
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You’ll then hear Zoom say “recording in progress” and see the red recording icon in the top left corner. Click Pause or Stop at any time to halt or end the recording.

recording zoom
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Record a Zoom meeting on the mobile app

Unfortunately, local recording is not supported on iOS and Android. However, if you have a paid subscription to Zoom, you can start a cloud recording.

mobile Zoom
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Once you’ve started your meeting as the host, tap More in the bottom right and select Start Cloud Recording.

How to manage recording permissions

As the host, you can assign recording privileges to other participants in your meeting. Click Participants and click More next to the name of the person you want to allow to record your Zoom meeting. Click Allow Record.

allow record zoom
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They will then receive a notification about recording privileges. When a participant is recording, you will see a red recording icon next to their name.

guest record zoom
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To disable the participant’s ability to record, click More next to the name, then click Forbid Record. They will then receive a notification about no longer being able to record.

How to find recorded Zoom meetings

After you stop recording your meeting, the mp4 file of your recording will download to your computer once you end the meeting.

recording location
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The file path should open automatically, but you can locate it in your documents within the Zoom folder if it doesn’t. The exact file path is as follows: C:\Users\Name\OneDrive\Documents\zoom\Date name zoom meeting.

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Zoom records the contents of the meeting, not what is on your screen unless you choose to share your screen during the session.

Yes, you will receive a notification that the current meeting is being recorded, and you can see a red recording icon in the top-left corner.

Only the host and the participants whom the host has granted recording privileges can record the meeting. After the session ends, the host can share the recording with all participants.

An attendee can tape a meeting if the host allows them to record. Ask your host for permission to record the session if they haven’t already.

To ensure that the recorded video doesn’t bounce from attendee to attendee based on who’s speaking (or sneezing, or coughing), use the Spotlight or Pin features. These allow you to keep the video focused on the most important attendees, like the meeting leader.