Among the sea of various rooting solutions, custom ROMs, and technical advices that are available on the website of mobile software development community XDA-developers, you can also find a gem of an app like this one right here: DeskNotifier. It’s a free app that connects your Android phones and tablets to your desktop — sending whatever notifications you receive on the device to your desktop screen. Quite neat, right?

You can use the app to receive notifications of calls, SMS, Viber, Astrid Tasks, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger and a host of other third-party apps. While you can use it to send and reply text messages, unfortunately you can’t reply to Whatsapp messages. The app now supports English and German, but we’re sure more language support will come soon enough.

You can connect your Android devices to your desktop through WiFi or USB. It seems there’s no authentication yet when you’re trying to pair the device, so there’s some potential privacy problem if you’re living in close quarters, where others can accidentally connect to your Android device’s WiFi and receive your notifications. Another known kink is that if you have a third-party SMS client installed, you’ll get double notifications.

Aside from those minor quips, the DeskNotifier works great for something that’s still on version 1.0.0. It’ll sure save a lot of time checking for those notifications on your phone and tablet when you can do it instead on your PC. You can download the app for free from the website and Google Play.

Bams Sadewo
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