If you’re torn between spending your pocket money on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 or the Apple iPad Mini, Samsung is here to the rescue, as the Korean has created a list of reasons why you should definitely, totally go with the Note 8.0.

So, what makes the Galaxy Note 8.0 a better purchase than the “A Pad Mini”? Most of the given reasons are legit, such as the Note’s multi-tasking capability and its S Pen stylus, as well as its faster quad-core processor. The Note also has a better and “more big” display. But will customers really care about the tab’s Reading Mode ? Meh.


Anyway, we’re pretty sure that these won’t end up in magazines or such, as they don’t look polished enough. It’s likely that Samsung has prepared the Note 8.0 slides for retailers or they could only be just for some internal presentation.

You can hit the link below for the complete slides. In case you haven’t done so, don’t forget to check out our Galaxy Note 8.0 VS iPad Mini post as well.


Are you getting the Galaxy Note 8.0?

Bams Sadewo
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