Since the market is close to over saturated anyway, might as well be competitive in the only league that’s, well, still competitive. That’s pricing. Arnova, a strapping young tech company from lovely China, first grabbed attention with its cut price Archos 10.1 earlier this year. Arnova are now aiming for an even cheaper Android tablet and have a couple ready for a June release. Now say hello to the Arnova 7 and its heftier sibling the Arnova 8.4.

Archos 10

The Arnova Archos 10.1 was a decent tablet whose 199 Euro retail price inspired sighs of relief from budget-strained enthusiasts who craved tablets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Now Arnova wants to work the same magic, only cheaper.

The Arnova 7 is the smaller of the two, with a 7″ resistive screen with 800×480  resolution and running Android 2.2 Froyo. If the reader is wondering why not Honeycomb, perhaps the choice of OS figures in the wallet-easy marketing approach of Arnova. At just £99 it’s a godsend to the peculiar demographic itching for an Android tablet that will suit their economic scale. The Wi-Fi comes built-in and the pre-release hype boasts access to a dismal 30,000 apps. That sure is a lot, but not that much when the awesome scale of the glorious app market is conjured in one’s mind.

Archos 8

Its classier sibling is an 8.4′ affair with pretty much the same specs except for a slightly improved 800×600 resolution. It’s also a tad pricier £129, but industry-wise, it’s the friend of the average working man.

Both hit stores come June. (That’s next week.)

Via: Techdigest