Real Racing 3

Late last month we reported that Real Racing 3 would be receiving a sizable update sometime this spring. That day has now arrived. The latest update to Real Racing 3 includes 100 new events, two new Chevy vehicles and even a new cross-platform save function.

Outside of the new events, there is even a whole new mode called “hunter mode”. This new mode basically has you hunting down another car and attempting to overtake it in a single lap, all while giving the hunted car a headstart.

As for the new cars, the Chevy Cobalt SS and Chevy Camaro are now added to the mix.

The most significant change coming in the new Real Racing 3 update is the cross-platform save function, though. With the new save feature, you can sync your progress on all your devices, which is really handy for those with multiple tablets, phones and other Android devices they might play the game on.

The downside here is that the only way to get into the syncing system is to use a Facebook login. Considering not everyone uses or cares for Facebook, this is a bit of an annoyance, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for most users out there.

Before your rush out and grab the update, we must present you with a word of caution. There have been several reports that indicate people are having problems with a series of bugs that make it so the game won’t start up as it should.

If you absolutely want to go ahead with the update anyway, it is worth noting that Firemonkeys is advising customers that run into a problem to force close the app and restart the game while connected to the Internet, which in some cases reportedly fixes the issues. Other users have had success simply uninstalling and re-installing the game, though only go with this route if your saves are already backed up with the Facebook sync feature.

Have you grabbed the update yet? If so, did everything work as it should or did you run into major issues with the game?

Andrew Grush
Andrew Grush has been with Team AA for 5 years now. He's passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.