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Ready Contact List - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Ready Contact List. This material design-themed app is a contacts app, dialer app, and social app all in one. It's gorgeous.
October 11, 2014

What is Ready Contact List?

Ready Contact List is a contacts and phone dialer app. Aside from the basic functions, it has a really nice design, some interesting features, and a more immersive contacts mode experience. There is a free version and a paid version that adds additional functionality for $2.99

Since we’ve all had a cell phone before, we know how a dialer app and contacts app work. So you are already aware of the basic functions of Ready Contact List. Where it gets interesting is all of the extra stuff. You can see additional details about each contact including email correspondence between the two of you, upcoming calendar events, and the like. After calls you can access things like email and text if you need to correspond further with the person you just called. This includes launching your calendar app and creating appointments right from the app which is a nice touch.

Adding to the increased functionality is a half-Material Design and half-Card UI layout that’s actually pretty impressive. It features a lot of large images and smooth transitions. There are the Material Design style buttons that appear and disappear as you need them but a lot of the elements are also Card UI, such as the additional details. There is also a contacts scroll wheel that looks nice even if it doesn’t add anything functional.

It is important to note that a few of the features are for premium users only. The predictive dialer is one. Paying for app also removes advertisements. You can also theme Ready Contact List if you so choose but you do have to pay for that feature as well. They have a very Timely-style marketing gimmick where you can unlock features for free if you share the app and get others to download it. I’m personally against such marketing campaigns but there is a tangible value there if you have suggestible friends.

Ready Contact List screenshot
Overall, the app has its problems but it’s still pretty good. The developers are very active in responding to comments to explain things like permissions and fix bugs which is a good sign. It is free to use and you can always opt to not buy the added features if you don’t want to. Anyone who has been looking for something a little different in a dialer or contacts app should give this a shot.