With the recent news of the Zinio app being released, the magazine readers on the Android platform got a dependable app to feed their magazine addiction. Books have also seen a resurgence because of several e-reader apps and the Kindle itself being based on Android. Well, how about newspapers? It may not sound economical but having newspapers on your tablet is a good way to keep abreast of the news – especially international news. You can’t just have the New York Times delivered to your house in Tokyo after all.

Well, if you’re using Honeycomb and have a hankering for that daily paper, here’s a piece of good news. The PressReader app for Honeycomb is definitely right up your alley. Providing access to a library of over 1,800 different newspapers from 95 different countries, your Android tablet rivals some libraries for thoroughness. That’s a hell of a lot of newspapers and maybe more than you’ll ever read, but it’s better to have more than less.

The PressReader app does what Zinio does for magazines: convert your favorite newspaper into a digital format while still retaining its printed appearance – which gives it a sort of a nostalgia factor. You can buy individual papers or you can set up an automatic subscription. Additional features include sorting through publications by language and location, being able to share articles, and being able to listen to an audio version of your paper. Reading is done like on an e-reader, the simple interface making page turning easy and making everything readable.

Better try this baby out if you’re a news junkie.

Source: Android Police

Aerol Bibat
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