There isn’t much better than when a classic gets ported, polished and brought over to Android. For those of you that don’t remember Re-Volt, it was one of the best racing games back in its heyday and could be found on the N64, Dreamcast, PC and Playstation. Now it has also arrived to Google Play for $4.50.

Think that such a premium on a fourteen year old game is a bit much? You won’t once you actually give it a try. The original was quite a gem, and the port appears to be no different. Re-Volt features a total of 14 race tracks, 42 cars, a global ranking system and several different ways to play such as arcade style time trials, practice mode and a stunt arena.

What really sets this apart from just running it via an emulator is that WeGo Interactive has rebuilt the game around touch controllers that actually work quite well. The only downside is that the game doesn’t appear to include support for external game controllers like the Moga.

Still not enough to entice you? WeGo Interactive also promises to continue to add more game modes and other features through future updates that will expand the game well beyond the original. What do you think, worth giving this one a shot?


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