With more resource intensive apps, such as games, being available these days, bigger batteries are always a welcome sight in the specs list. The Motorola RAZR MAXX HD is no exception, with its hefty 3,300mAh battery commanding the flagship phone. Unfortunately, Australians looking to get their hands on the device will be left in a quandary as the company’s last words on its release was a definitive “no” because of incompatible frequencies.

Motorola Aus had a few words on the matter:

“due to [the RAZR MAXX’s] availability on a different frequency band that is not compatible with the Australian market, it will not be available locally” – Motorola Aus

That being said, the frequencies of the phone have not been mentioned by possible carriers or Motorola; one is suspect to think there may be something else wrong with the device. It cant be that carriers don’t want the phone, as Telstra has picked up the RAZR HD on their lineup. It does show a lack of foresight on Motorola’s part, however, to make such a great device and then not be able to import it. They’v been hyping the hone now for a while, so you would think, they would have the basic protocol down in the hardware department. Apparently, that is not the case.

Australians, are you still interested n this phone if Moto gets its act together and releases it in the country? How long do you think it will take to fix this blunder?